Billy Jr. Cassidy
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Mrs. Cassidy (mother) and Judy Cassidy (sister)



Death Post Possession
Behind the scenes
First Appearance

Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)

Latest Appearance

Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)

Last Appearance

Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)


Donnie Jeffcoat Jr.

If I were you, I would get out of here before she shows up and turns your face hutch shit into a punching bag
- Billy taunting Sal Romero.

Billy Jr. Cassidy, is a side character in Night Of The Demons, 1988. He's the disruptive brother of Judy Cassidy and son of Mrs. Cassidy, lives in the Cassidy House.


His first appearance is the scene, when he pops out of the wardrobe to scare prank Judy. He is then scare pranked by Sal Romero at the doorstep, who bids a few bucks to him to disclose the party venue where Judy is about to date Jay Jansen, turning out to be Hull House. Sal also snatches his Halloween mask.

His second and last appearance is the scene when Jay visits the Cassidy House to pick Judy, he is roasted by Billy during his wait, Billy also pokes fun at his mother's notoriously terrible dish. He is portrayed by Donnie Jeffcoat Jr.

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