The Cassidy House is location appearing in Night Of The Demons, 1988. It's the house to Judy Cassidy, Billy Cassidy and Mrs. Cassidy. It's located in Mathisville.


The house is frequently seen in the beginning of the movie with Judy Cassidy being pranked Billy, hiding in his wardrobe. The kitchen and lounge also appear in the movie, while Billy mocks Jay Jansen because of his date with Judy. Mrs. Cassidy is also seen offering Jay some hideous meals which he absolutely turns down to eat. Sal Romero's introductory sequences also takes place at entrance of the house, with Sal hiding in a room by the entrance to scare prank Billy, who later blurts out the party venue. Frankenstein's art-poster can also be seen on the entrance door, probably a reference to Halloween monsters.


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