This is the category page for the Soundtracks (OST) of the 1988 Movie Night Of The Demons and it's remake Night Of The Demons


The first soundtrack features the track "Stigmata Martyr" from the Gothic/Post-Punk Rock band Bauhaus and the score of the same movie by Dennis Michael Tenney, Steve Ring & Tim Wojan.

The soundtrack of the reamke features a mixture of Gothic, Horror Punk, Alternative, Electronic and Metal music. 

Examples are the track "Black N° 1" by Gothic Metal band Type O Negative (Only featured on the fisical copy of the CD); The track "Boris Karloff" from the Horror Punk band  The Barbarellatones, another example is the track "Blood, Brains and Rock 'N' Roll" from the Electro-Industrial musician Zombie Girl and for the last example, the track "Legions of The Damned" by the Blackned Horror/Gothic/Heavy Metal band DeadByDay.

The remake soundtrack featured two versions the digital download (this version features 14 tracks 2 of them beign dialogs from the movie) and the CD itself (this version contains 16 tracks all of them beign songs).

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