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Murdered by a possessed Stooge at Hull House, in a casket.


Suzanne, Stooge, Jay Jansen, Sal Romero, Max, Helen, Rodger, Angela Franklin, Judy Cassidy


Hull House in a casket

Death Post Possession

Burned due to exposure of sun

Behind the scenes
First Appearance

Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)

Latest Appearance

Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)

Last Appearance

Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)


Jill Terashita

Hey guys, how about a past life seance? A past life seance. You know, we all sit around, look in a mirror, and see our past lives.
- Frannie on the thought of performing a seance.

Frannie is a side character in Night Of The Demons, 1988. She became a victim of the cruel massacre at Hull House. Frannie is played by Jill Terashita


Frannie is probably a high school senior, alike the rest of the party goers. She's in a relationship with Max. Frannie accompanies Max, Jay Jansen and Judy Cassidy to join the others at the Hull House party, also sharing that she is familiar with Hull House legends, since her childhood.

Hull House

Frannie was quite entertained in the party and later sneaks with Max, to the casket store and were later murdered by a possessed Stooge in the casket who breaks her neck. Frannie returns as a zombie demon but soon burns down at dawn.

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