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Form ended after Angela Franklin was slain in the year, 1994.


Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

Lamia or Snake Woman is a demon only seen once in the Night of the Demons trilogy with Angela Franklin in its' form.

Night Of The Demons 2, 1994

In the year, 1994, Angela transformed herself into a Lamia shortly after she was stabbed by Melissa Franklin. Lamia tried to eliminate the remaining four, namely; Sister Gloria, Johnny, Bibi and Melissa but this was made futile when Johnny wrecked the wall, enabling the sun light to latch itself onto the Lamia, bringing an end to her.


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Lamia was a child-devouring sea-monster or night-haunting daemon. She was a daughter of Poseidon and mother of the monsters Skylla (Scylla) and Akheilos (Acheilus, the Shark).

Lamia was originally a Libyan queen loved by Zeus. When his jealous wife Hera learned of their affair she stole away Lamia's children and the woman, driven mad with grief, tore out her own eyes. Zeus then transformed her into a monster allowing her to exact revenge by devouring the children of others.

Lamia was often described as a bogeyman--a night-haunting daemon which preyed on children. She was sometimes pluralised into host of ghostly, vampiric Lamiai (Lamiae).

Lamia was no doubt first envisaged, however, as a sea-monster for she was a daughter of Poseidon and her name is simply the ancient Greek word for a large, dangerous lone-shark. She was probably identified with the sea-goddess Keto (Ceto) for both are described as the mother of the monstrous Skylla. Her other child, Akheilos "the lipless one", was transformed into a small shark by Aphrodite.

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