The Lavatory is located inside the Hull House, with a list of events that took place in it. It appears in both Night Of The Demons (1988) and Night Of The Demons 2 (1994).


The Lavatory is a hotspot for demonic infestation, assaulting anyone setting foot in it. In 1988, Stooge and an already possessed Suzanne headed to the restroom, Suzanne didn't come out of it for quite sometime, during the period she turned into an actual demon by standing ahead of the mirror, which seemed to be corrupted as well. This wait agitated Stooge, who took a peek through the window, and was pushed back by an weird demonic force accompanied by a growl.

The lavatory was seen again in 1994, when Johnny accompanied Terri to the restroom, and Terri sighted a decapitated talking head inside the flush, frightening her away and vanishing in a glimpse. It appeared again, when they departed.