Melissa Franklin
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Bibi, Terri, Sister Gloria, Perry, Angela Franklin (sister), Parents



Death Post Possession


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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)


Merle Kennedy

Melissa Franklin is a character appearing in Night Of The Demons, 2. She is played by Merle Kennedy.


Melissa Franklin, born to the Frankin Family and sister to Angela Franklin, is a student at St. Rita's Academy, admitted due to a sudden demise of her parents, who supposedly committed suicide, rumor has it that Angela was behind this act. However after the 1988 Hull House massacre, Angela's disappearance left Melissa isolated and shattered and the rumors of Angela's being descended into Hell made Melissa terror struck in nature and earned her the name Mouse, which made her feel depressed and annoyed. Melissa was roommates with Shirley Finnerty, Bibi and Terri, to their fear, waking them up every night/morning due to the frightening dreams/visions Melissa experienced, encountering her sister, each night in her sleep, eventually waking up with a dreaded scream. Sister Gloria used to admonish the trio to display a sense of care and sympathy to Melissa instead of brushing her each time, unlike the other two, Bibi possessed a liking and sense of priority for Melissa. However, Halloween was nearing and school brain, Perry, asked Melissa to partner him to the Halloween dance, Melissa eventually accepting his proposal.

Hull House

Shirley Finnerty, devised to escort Melissa to the Hull House on the night of Halloween, keeping in eye the importance of Melissa to summon, Angela. For the sole purpose, Shirley tricked Bibi and Terri to accompany Melissa to their undisclosed journey of what was later revealed to be Hull House. Upon reaching Hull House, terror struck, Melissa began weeping and shouting in fear, while others' isolated her in the car on her cry. However, Z-Boy later fright pranked her and lured her into the house, performing an apparent sacrifice ritual on her which led to a confrontation between Kurt and Rick, later revealed to be just a prank, when the group was about to leave the Hull House, Melissa sighted Angela wandering around the hallways and screamed in fear. Upon reaching back to the academy, she rather left the car quietly and began weeping in the dormitory when she encountered Angela, who lured her to the Hull House to actually perform a sacrifice on her but was later saved by Sister Gloria, Bibi and Johnny. Prior to Angela's defeat, she examined her faith and overthrew Angela's greed to made Sister Gloria's faith victorious, by slaying Angela with her own dagger.