Old Hull Road is the lone route that leads to the Hull House, the road is named after the famous, Old Man Hull. The road appeared in all the Night Of The Demon movies. Ironically, the road is covered by rough bushes/trees along with peculiar foggy weather.

1988, Night Of The Demons

Stooge, Rodger and Helen, when heading towards the Hull House to attend Angela Franklin's party got their car punctured in the mid of the road, while Max, Frannie and Jay's sprinted in the other car while throwing a bunch of insults at them, a friendly banter, most likely. However, the trio managed to walk their way to the house. Max also narrated the legend of the Hull House in their car, while others' were keen to listen to him.

1994, Night Of The Demons

The road was seen again in the year, 1994 when Z-Boy changed the street name sign to lure others' to the Hull House. The road is seen a couple of times more in the movie, whenever someone strides towards the haunted location.

Strangely, in both the movies, the road seems to be a complicated route as the party goers are equipped with an atrocious zig-zag sort of a map. However, the road appears to be different in the third edition of the series, Night Of The Demons 3 (1997).

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