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Murdered by a possessed Shirley Finnerty in the school hall.


Shirley Finnerty and Z-Boy


St. Rita's Academy

Death Post Possession

Burned by holy water thrown by Perry at Hull House.

Behind the scenes
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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)


Rick Peters

Rick is a character appearing in Night Of The Demons, 2. He is portrayed by Rick Peters.


Rick was a high school teenager, unlike others, he wasn't associated with St. Rita's Academy. According to him, he was admitted in his school on the charge of murder, of his parents. However, the context of his claim could've just been a joke or part of the Halloween spirit.

He was the boyfriend of Shirley Finnerty and also friends with Z-Boy, and indulged with them in planning the prank based ritual at Hull House and lured everyone else into it.

Hull House and Death

He arrived at the rear end of the St. Rita's Academy to pick Shirley, Johnny, Melissa Franklin, Bibi, Kurt and Terri to escort them to the Hull House, while having a fun talk with the others during their journey.

Post the group split inside the Hull House, he along with Z-Boy and Shirley played the sacrificing prank on Melissa, almost scaring her to death with Kurt being played with too, in the end. When the group left the Hull House, Rick accompanied the rest to the school hall, unknown to Sister Gloria's knowledge and then seduced by a demonic Shirley Finnerty, killing him in the process during the school dance, creating a chaotic air of fear and panic among the students.

He was then transformed into a demon, again escorting Shirley, Melissa and Angela to actually perform a Satanic sacrifice on Melissa, he was then confronted by Father Bob and Perry inside the Hull House, deceiving Father Bob from the dark and proclaiming that he wants to confess that he killed someone and murdered Father Bob on the spot and was then killed by Perry with the help of some holy water.