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Father, Suzanne, Stooge, Jay Jansen, Sal Romero, Max, Frannie, Helen, Angela Franklin, Judy Cassidy


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Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)

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Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)

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Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)


Alvin Alexis

I don't care what you all think, my daddy was a preacher, and I know better than to be in here fooling with this stuff. This is a house of the dead, and I"m getting out now before it's too late.
- Rodger, warning about the evil the Hull House possess.

Rodger is a character from the first version of Night Of The Demons. He is portrayed by Alvin Alexis. Rodger is one the two survivors of the diabolical massacre at Hull House.

Early Life

Rodger is seen as a perturbed and terror-stricken high school senior. It is assumed that he was known to most of the group mates, however, he was more adjoined by Stooge and Helen. On the night of Halloween, Rodger slipped in an eccentric pirates' dress and drove to the Hull House, alongside Stooge and Helen.

Rodger's father was a preacher, and he was pre-informed about the evil the house is corrupted with. Rodger warns his fellow party goers multiple times, only to be brushed away.

Hull House

Upon reaching the Hull House, Rodger is mostly seen apprehensive, when the rest of the crew splits up, Rodger and Helen head to locate exit, and were astonished to notice none. Helen continued to argue with Rodger about the plausibility that they're doomed in hell, an unconvinced Rodger turns to the side, only to discover Helen vanishing in a glimpse. Terrorized, he took cover in Angela Franklin's car. Few minutes later, Rodger discovers Helen's corpse on the car. Horror-struck Rodger then bumps into Sal and teams up with Sal and Judy to flee from the house.

After Sal's untimely demise, Judy and Roger strive to flee from the demons and end up in the mortuary's crematorium, where they effectuate the antiquated gas system to keep the demons at bay. With the demons temporarily subdued, the two attempt to escape and are instead chased by various demons throughout the house. They then escape from the houses' wall. Although, Judy was left behind, Rodger coped to escape with him on second attempt.

Ol' Freak pokes fun at both Rodger and Judy, on their way back home. Nothing is known about Rodger post the massacre.