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Murdered by Angela Franklin at Hull House


Suzanne, Helen, Jay Jansen, Sal Romero, Max, Frannie, Rodger, Angela Franklin, Judy Cassidy


Hull House

Death Post Possession

Burned due to exposure of sun

Behind the scenes
First Appearance

Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)

Latest Appearance

Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)

Last Appearance

Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)


Hal Havins

Demonic watchamacallit. I mean come on, ol' Ange here is just trying to put the ooooga booga on us, okay?
- Stooge mocking Angela Franklin.

Stooge is a reckless pighead from Night Of The Demons, 1988. He is portrayed by Hal Havins. Over the years, Stooge's demonic character has gained a cult youth following. He is also a mullet head.

Early Life

Stooge is an overhasty and incautious senior high schooler. Stooge is particularly more parallel to Rodger and Helen. On the night of Halloween, the trio roll together rumbling the streets, even poking abusive remarks at the grumpy old man. Later on, they reach the Hull House, however, their car got punctured and had to walk their way to join the party mates. Stooge is apparently dressed up as a peculiar killer, equipped with a costume pig nose.

Hull House

Unlike the rest, Stooge seemed rejoice and entertained. When the crew split up, Stooge heads to the restroom with Suzanne, upon discovering certain growls from the toilet, he comes back to the main room and is then warned by Sal Romero that Angela Franklin is acting quite weird, ignoring Sal's warning, bringing his death upon himself.


He is later resurrected as a demon and intents to assault the rest of the remaining crew. Max and Frannie, were in a physical intimacy in a casket, when their fate meets end by Stooge. Stooge accompanied by later demonic crew then chases Rodger, Judy Cassidy and Sal Romero. Stooge is later burned to ashes at dawn.