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Physically abused and murdered by Angela Franklin in the attic of Hull House


Shirley Finnerty and Ricky


Hull House

Death Post Possession

Burned by holy water, thrown by Johnny and Sister Gloria

Behind the scenes
First Appearance

Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

Latest Appearance

Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

Last Appearance

Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)


Darin Heames

Z-Boy is a character appearing in Night Of The Demons, 1994. He is portrayed by Darin Heames.


Z-Boy is a local teenager with unknown whereabouts. He is friends with Shirley Finnerty and Rick and accompanies them during parties and hideous pranks.

Z-Boy was summoned to the Hull House by Shirley and asked to swap the road signs (Mathisville and Old Hull Road) to lure the others to unknowingly reach the Hull House.

Halloween, 1994

On reaching the Hull House, he spontaneously scare pranks Melissa Franklin, also taking part in the prank played by her with Shirley and Rick. Later on, he indulged into a minor argument with Johnny but nothing significant occurred and the confrontation was quite short lived.

Post exiting the Hull House, Z-Boy went to the restroom but was lured to the attic by Angela Franklin, only to be killed, while others thought that Z-Boy was just playing around with him, abandoning him in the process. Z-Boy was then seen in a demonic form, harassing Bibi, who was later defended by Sister Gloria.

Z-Boy then assaulted Perry, eventually killing him with a nailed baseball bat. He was then killed by Johnny and Sister Gloria, who spilled a bunch of holy water onto the possessed Z-Boy, bringing an end to his life form.